CentiLeo Renderer plugin for Cinema 4D Alpha 26.08.2016

Scalable and very fast unbiased GPU rendering engine CentiLeo is now integrated with Cinema 4D. Although in deep Alpha stage but it supports fluent interactive preview render IPR with immediate reaction to geometry, instancing, tag, material, shading and lighting edits which happen in Cinema 4D. 

CentiLeo is very fast with geometry and texture processing even when the size exceeds available GPU VRAM. With this technology you can simply extend your GPU memory with RAM and it's a very valuable thing. Ok, in reality we have pushed GPU memory limits very far away :) thanks to efficient rendering data flow organization.

Not only for large scenes CentiLeo is also fast and competitive for small every day fitting to GPU scenes. It has powerfull shading and lighting system, AOVs, displacement mapping and adaptive path tracing which can be valuable for DoF effects. Significantly more production features and polishing existing features are expected in the coming months. More information about supported features is placed here.

Download it here (registration required).

Community initialized here. We expect your renders, questions and reports there.

This video shows capture of interactive CentiLeo renderer workflow in Cinema 4D inside a scene with 23 million polygons using single GTX 970:

Acknowledgements for project support
CentiLeo LLC is a participant of Skolkovo Innovation Center with ID 1120880. CentiLeo R&D is supported by Skolkovo Foundation which has financed development of our plugins last year and has given us a lot of valuable knowledge. Thanks to the whole team of IT cluster of Skolkovo Foundation!

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