Introduction to CentiLeo technology

CentiLeo Renderer purpose is fast realistic rendering of 3D scenes which can be huge. CentiLeo works entirely on the GPU (CUDA based) at the speed of GPU and at the same time the amount of geometry and textures of the scene can be much larger than GPU memory capacity thanks to the novel and efficient caching system which utilizes main RAM. However, it is also very fast for small and moderate scenes.

Above that CentiLeo renderer has flexible standard material and shading system providing all the basic shading operations that can be combined. And the set of shaders will be refined even more with even better lighting and imperfection shaders.

Light transport solver of CentiLeo is based on standard approaches but it has some optimizations which intelligently direct more compute power to those image parts that need more computation.

The overall implementation of CentiLeo requires the minimum possible knowledge and experimentation with render parameters from the user.

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CentiLeo LLC company

Our rendering technology is developed by the company of the same name CentiLeo LLC.

We are located in Moscow, st.Pervomayskaya 42, Russian Federation. Reg. no: 5147746189762. Email: 

CentiLeo LLC is a participant of Skolkovo Innovation Center with ID 1120880 and CentiLeo R&D is supported by Skolkovo Foundation.

About Skolkovo

Skolkovo Foundation’s overarching goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation, engendering a startup culture and encouraging venture capitalism. Skolkovo supports the projects in five key areas of potential growth: energy efficiency, strategic computer technologies, biomedicine, nuclear technologies and space technologies.